Patrizio has been running a trucking company for 25 years and has often dealt with banks all this time. However, he managed to manage the requests with long and uncertain times. We have 30 days payment time for the goods we buy and the suppliers in turn pay us from 20 to 90 days. Sometimes these delays can create cash problems. This is why an innovator like is welcome.

He relied on search engines to look for some good solution for the investment he was about to make.

He relied on search engines to look for some good solution for the investment he was about to make.

He explains: ” I was looking for funding for my company on Google and I met several times the pages of Bertoseghiets. It seemed like a clear portal and I tried to understand what possibilities there were with a request for feasibility “.
Arianna followed Patrizio’s request that, after consolidating his presence in Lombardy for the transport of goods, he planned to invest in a new office in Emilia Romagna. “Too many companies have taken the longest step of the leg;

We must all learn to discriminate better between companies that can do it in spite of financial difficulties and others that can not do it “

money with credit cards

Patrizio appreciated the possibility of contacting a personal consultant for any eventuality : ” Arianna has been available to describe the most suitable offers for this operation. We are also in the final phase to manage the SamsungPay platform and we are investigating with various financial and insurance institutions the possibility of creating platforms linked to incentive and promotional mechanisms.

How is the meeting and what have you got? In fact, to fill in the request, it took me a few minutes and a few hours passed for an evaluation of Bertoseghiets. They explained to me the reasons why the request could have excellent chances of success. And in fact everything went well: the financing has arrived and now we are ready to create an operational base in Emilia “.


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