Are there banks that postpone loans ? Which banks are postponed loans ? 3-month deferred loan banks and 6-month deferred loan information is provided in the continuation of our article. The economic developments that we live in can bring urgent cash needs . For our urgent cash needs, the first organizations that come to mind are financial institutions, namely banks. However, in some cases, extra demands may come along in order not to have difficulty in loan payments. For example, you may not want to use credit from banks and pay instantly when you need credit. In such cases, deferred loans grow to our rescue. So, what are these deferred loans and which banks are providing deferred consumer loans ?

What is Postponed Credit?


Postponed Loans means the postponement of the installments of loans received from banks. The process of adjusting the installment payments to be made after a credit withdrawal and making the loan available in this way is called deferred credit. For normal bank loans , installment payments will start one month after the loan is drawn. For example , the first installment of a loan you received on 1 June will be on 1 July following the follow-up. This installment date may change as 10 plus minus 10 days in case you do with bank employees.

Postponement of credit installments will also help to improve your registry on the banks side, as it will provide a great convenience for your payments. However, in general, it is correct to say that the banks postponed the loan installments for a maximum of 3 months. How are these loans used ? What do I need to use these credits?

How to determine postponed loan maturity dates?


The maximum credit term specified by the BRSA is 48 months for consumer and vehicle loans. By law, it is not possible for you to use personal loans for more than 48 months. Considering a 3-month deferred loan , an arrangement is required in this case. For example, if you take a 48-month loan with a 3-month postponement, it is not legally possible, as it will take 51 months to expire. For this, the maturity of the loan will be reduced to 45 months at the application stage and will be completed in 48 months with a 3-month postponement . Otherwise, it is not possible to stretch the maturities.

What are Postponed Lending Banks?

What are Postponed Lending Banks?

If you want to use a deferred loan , you can choose 3-month and 6-month deferred loan with the most appropriate interest and maturity rates by choosing the banks listed below. What are the banks that provide deferred consumer loans ?

3 Month Postponed Lending Banks

Of course, other banks, except the banks we give on top 3-month deferred loans . The leading banks are Good Finance. Since the campaign periods and interest rates of these banks were constantly updated, no official information could be obtained. For this reason, it is worth reminding that people who want to use 3-month deferred loan from these banks should meet with one-to-one banks. However, in all banks, one- to -one application to the branches of the banks is required in order to use 3-month postponed consumer loans.

Are the Installments of the Existing Credit Deferred?


Of course, it is possible to postpone the installments of your existing credit, but this process is not as easy as one might think. If there is a certain delay in your credit payments, it will be recognized by this bank and notified to you. Otherwise, if you know that you cannot pay and you want to postpone installments, you should contact the bank employees directly. However, if you feel that you will no longer be able to repay your loan on a regular basis, you can request a repayment by configuring the entire amount. You can read about our credit configuration . This is the amount of information we will provide about postponed consumer loans. You can send all the questions that you have in mind in the comments section of the sub-section.

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