To all the Saints,
The Apostolic Church LAWNA Territory
and all Children of God Worldwide.

Beloved Brethren,


Apostolic greetings in the name of our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ; with His abundant mercy that comes as blessing to all them that truly believe Him and follow Him; because we have a hope of an everlasting inheritance.

On this occasion of the commemoration of the birth of our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ, I bring you the message of peace and joy; for we have seen the Star, and like those wise men let’s rejoice with exceeding great joy {Matt. 2:10}.

In our rejoicing, the message of His birth must not be lost on us. For if we are without the peace that He had brought to the earth (Luke 2:14) we are cursed.

But because He had been predestinated even before creation to bring glory back to man, we have assurance of salvation, Christ having put off all His glory, comfort, honour and all we can think of for incarnation. (Phil 2:5-8).

Those of us that are called into this salvation therefore ought to reconcile ourselves faithfully and fruitfully to Him. Like those wise men abandoned whatever they were doing to go over in search of the Great Star, in Bethlehem, so we should now be seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness (Matt. 6:33).

In Bethlehem Christ was born to take away our sins (John3:16-17). The whole essence of His coming is to bring man back to God, as our mediator (ITim.2:5) to reconcile us. He has brought us salvation and redemption.

It is however lamentable that most people are not truly reconciled to God, as they continually neglect the call to holiness, righteousness and the truth which is Christ.

Our going to Bethlehem is to submit ourselves to the shinning glory of God, to genuinely abandon our old ways, and refuse to return to Herod (the world). What profit do we derive in our mingling and upholding the lust of the world? I dare say NONE.

As children of the kingdom we should be the light of the world, shinning for others to abide in; by which we shall manifest the peace of God (Rom. 5:1); abundant life, (John 10:10) victory  (John16:17-18); authority over Satan (Mark 16:17-18); Freedom from  judgment (John3:18) and share His glory with Him (John 17:24).

Dear Brethren, I share with you the joy of this blessed season, and the abundance of the grace that is in our Lord Jesus Christ. Extend this joy to your neighbours, and all people with humility, love, brotherliness, peace, happiness and riches of the Great King.  

May the Lord keep you. May He be with you. May the light of His countenance shine upon you in all your endeavours. May He bless your family with His riches in glory. Amen

Please, forget not to go to Bethlehem from now on, and dwell truly with Christ.
Merry Christmas

Pastor G. O. Olutola
LAWNA Territorial Chairman & Vice President
The Apostolic Church Nigeria      


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